Encore Production Logistics is a specialized transport and equipment rental company which is tailored to assist event production companies in Vancouver’s thriving special events industry. EPL partners with our clients to provide an extremely high level of service and turnkey solutions, far beyond what standard delivery services can offer.

We provide a diverse range of services designed to solve problems faced by event producers, organizers, and their equipment rental partners:

Transportation of high end audio-visual equipment. By simplifying the logistics of moving equipment to and from venues our clients can focus on delivering exceptional results to their customers.

Skilled crews can be provided to assemble and dismantle these events, as needed.

Event management, festival logistics, warehouse design and inventory control get our blood pumping, and we often consult in these areas.

Specialized equipment rentals which in the past have only been offered by boutique providers or by large franchises focused on the construction industry. By offering these items directly to event producers, and by taking away the hassle involved with acquiring and returning the equipment, Encore continues to provide exceptional value to our clients.